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BNHA OC Info: Genki
Name: Genki
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (pre-Time Skip), 15 (post-Time Skip)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Student
Height: 6'3'' (1.62 Meters)
Weight: 130 lbs. (58 Kilograms)
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Type: Short and unruly
Eye Colour: Yellow
Skin Colour: Cream
Nationality: Japanese
School: U.A.
Year: 1st
Hero Profile:
Hero Name: Power Pup
Quirk: Weredog
Likes: Meat, chasing after squirrels, Chiaki Nagawa, reading Playboy magazines, pranks, when people scratch him behind the ears
Dislikes: Being humiliated, feeling like a coward, vegetables, his parents, bullies, League of Villains
Fears: To lose control of his Quirk, to die, bugs, Asaka when she's in a bad mood
Family: Mother (status unknown), father (status unknown)
Romantic Partners: None, though he has a crush on Chiaki Nagawa/Paperstorm II
Allies: Onpa Haku/Disc Jockey, Asaka Hanatani/Zookia, Hana Kihaku/Nativas, Chiaki Nagawa/Paperstorm II
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 4 0
I fall apart,
Crumble into dust,
As the sun goes down,
My heart attaches it all together,
To prepare for the next collapse.
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 4 3
BNNHA OC Info: Haru Sasaki
Name: Haru Sasaki
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, possibly in the middle of his 20's
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Occupation: Serial killer (formerly), Supervillain
Height: 6'2'' (1.90 Meters)
Weight: 97 lbs. (44 Kilograms)
Hair Colour: Dark pink
Hair Type: Short with bangs partially covering the eyes
Eye Colour: Bloody red
Skin Colour: Porcelain
Nationality: Japanese
Distinguishing Features: Invisible vectors attached to his back, M shaped "horns" emerging from his skull at the sides of his head
Villain Profile:
Villain Name: Kamitachi (nicknamed "The Bladed Beast")
Costume: A straight jacket, with holes underneath the sleeves, which are ripped apart from one another, in which he puts his hands, along with black tight pants with special loops under his feet
Quirk: Ripper
Likes: Murder sprees, sleeping, hunting, being alone, quiet people
Dislikes: Loud noise, bright light and colours, One For All, Tomura Shigaraki, being bothered with his fights
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 4 0
BNHA OC Info: Takeno Kobayashi
Name: Takeno "Take" Kobayashi
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (pre-Time Skip), 15 (post-Time Skip)
Sexual orientation: Doesn't talk about it
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'6'' Ft. (1.69 Meters)
Weight: 90 lBS. (14 Kilograms)
Hair colour: Dark purple with bright purple tips
Hair type: Dreadlocks
Eye colour: Yellow
Skin colour: Cocoa
Nationality: Japanese
School: U.A.
Year: 1st
Distinguishing features: Stubby cones at the end of each dreadlock, fuctioning like mouths of a cannon
Hero/Villain Profile:
Hero/Villain name: Orbit
Quirk: Plasma Bomb
Likes: Picking on people that tick her off, chocolate, sleeping late, using her powers, her friends
Dislikes: Chiaki Nagawa/Paperstorm II, Seiha Bun/The Component, Asaka Hatanani/Zookia, reading
Habits: Chew on one of her fingers when she's pissed off
Fears: To see one of her friend get hurt, to have someone find out she has crush on Onpa
Family: Shin Kobayashi (Father), Haruka Kobayashi (Mother
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 3 0
BNHA OC Info: Chiaki Nagawa
Name: Chiaki Nagawa
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (pre-Time Skip), 15 (post-Time Skip)
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'4'' ft. (1.61 Meters)
Weight: 88 lbs. (40 Kilograms)
Hair colour: Black
Hair type: Straight and reaches to the bottom of her back
Eye colour: Honey
Skin colour: Cream
Nationality: Japanese
Year: 1st
Hero Profile:
Hero Name: Paperstorm II
Quirk: Origami
Likes: Tomatoes, her parents, sketching in her notebook, her pigtails
Dislikes: Students who tend to bully her, persistant people, annoying laughs
Habits: Staring awkwardly when she's being distracted
Fears: Being left all alone with no chance of being saved
Family: Kikumi Nagawa/Paperstorm I (Mother), Zokuya Tsuyo/The Butcher (Father), Satomi Nagawa/Lady Brain (Half-Sister), Seiha Bun/The Component (Half-Brother)
Romantic Interests: None
Allies: Hana Kihaku/Nativas, Onpa Haku/Disc Jockey, Genki/Power
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 8 4
BNHA OC Info: Asaka Hanatani
Name: Asaka Hanatani
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (pre-Time Skip), 15 (post-Time Skip)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'8'' (1.70 Meters)
Weight: 94 lbs. (43 Kilograms)
Hair Colour: Dark beige
Hair type: Wavy and shoulder length
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Cream
Nationality: Japanese-American
School: U.A.
Year: 1st
Hero Profile:
Hero Name: Zookia
Quirk: Zodiac
Likes: Marshmallows, taking walks outside, her friends and family, All Might
Dislikes: Kurogiri (the man who killed her parents), stress, bullies
Fears: To be killed by Kurogiri, to see her friends die, to lose herself to her lust for vengeance
Family: Saori Hanatani/Artemis (deceased), Dave Hanatani (previously Shallows)/Aquamarino (deceased)
Romantic Partners: None, though she has a crush on Seiha Bun
Allies: Hana Kihaku/Nativas, Onpa Haku/Disc Jockey, Chiaki Nagawa/Paperstorm, Genki/Power Pup
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 6 2
Gift: Keith Wyard by ImmediateLight Gift: Keith Wyard :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 6 8 The Joy of Creation by ImmediateLight The Joy of Creation :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 6 0 Dusk (Dawn's Clone) by ImmediateLight Dusk (Dawn's Clone) :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 4 5
To Love and Embrace
Stepping into the green meadows, smelling the nature in the air,
Opening my eyes to witness the sun's fairing well,
Sensing the freshness of a warm summer,
Birds singing sweet melodies like a small silver bell,
The white of dandelions flowing in the wind in an endless flutter,
The overwhelming warmth of it all is a feeling I cannot quell,
And yours truly knows what it is to love and embrace, yet without to dwell or care.
:iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 5 4
Emma in Street Fighter V by ImmediateLight Emma in Street Fighter V :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 8 23 Danganronpa Self Insert: Orata Mozubichi by ImmediateLight Danganronpa Self Insert: Orata Mozubichi :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 0 2 'Nii-chan...?' by ImmediateLight 'Nii-chan...?' :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 7 9 Chibi Peridot (SPOILERS) (duh...) by ImmediateLight Chibi Peridot (SPOILERS) (duh...) :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 7 10 Pally Pals At Last by ImmediateLight Pally Pals At Last :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 4 4 Touch him, and I'll KILL you...! by ImmediateLight Touch him, and I'll KILL you...! :iconimmediatelight:ImmediateLight 5 7



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Helloooo everyone!

It's been a while, hasn't it? :D To our complete and utter joy, Tekken 7 is officially released and we finally get to see the plot that will conclude the Mishima saga! :) Aren't you guys happy? I sure am!

Unfortunately, I have seen it way earlier, and had to remain patient for those who haven't seen the story yet, but even now, I'm warning people (it IS in the title) that there's plenty of story spoilers here, and if you don't want to read this, exit the page. :) It's totally fine by me. Now, without further adieu, let's get to the bloody story!

So let's start from the basics: The story takes place a while after Jin has been sacrificing himself to kill Azazel and end the Mishima bloodline's curse, which resulted in him going missing for some time. While he's gone, Nina remains in charge and conducts a search to find Jin, but before any progress could happen, they get a visitor in the Mishima Zaibatsu HQ: Heihachi Mishima, who comes to take back control on the Zaibatsu as its "true" CEO. After taking down plenty of mooks and Nina, he establishes himself as the CEO once again and announces the King of Iron Fist tournament, but his true goal is still hidden from the world, for the time being, and that goal is finally taking down his son, Kazuya, who still controls G Corporation behind the scenes. After gaining the attention and allegiance of the head of the Sirius Marksmen, Claudio Serafino, he starts his plan to go after his son.

In terms of storytelling, the main story mode is suprisingly well-paced, and has plenty of great twists. There's the obvious one of Akuma coming after Heihachi and Kazuya, in order to kill them on behalf of Kazumi, Heihachi's wife and Kazuya's mother, due to the fact that he promised her that he will do so if they spread chaos and misery all over the world as she predicted. However, since we already got to that, we might as well start with the first flaw of the story: Akuma feels really out of place. No, I don't mean in terms of design or gameplay, because that was taken care of very well, but I mean in terms of story. The fact they show him in a more sympathetic light is good, but he still feels like Harada just threw him in. He doesn't blend well with Tekken's more modern and futuristic environment, unlike Street Fighter's more simplistic and more 90's...ish enviroments. The contrast can work well, but it didn't here, which really disappoints me. If he would have gotten more screentime to show us how he deals with that new world, maybe it could have been better, but it isn't that way.

Now to the second flaw of the story, which an even bigger one and a more annoying one to me: The whole Kazumi hype was an utter sham. Well, mostly. We get to know more about her as a character, her backstory with Heihachi and the origins of her clan, which was pretty interesting to me. I mean, the fact that the Hachijo family uses the Devil Gene to exterminate evil beings? It's an interesting subversion on the whole "Devil Gene" thing and shows it's less of an evil and more of a chaotic good. However, dissapointment comes again when we find out that Kazumi shows up only at a godamn flashback. Yep, she doesn't resurrect herself again to stop her husband and son, she doesn't have any involvment in the present story aside from being mentioned... she's just in a flashback. That was a massive punch in the gut, that after FOUR years of waiting to see her involvment in the story, having her playable and as a final boss, SHE ISN'T EVEN SHOWING UP AT THE STORY AT ALL. Like, seriously, there's no words to express how much I got furstrated, after waiting for her to appear in the story all this time.

Then there's the final problem I have with the story: Aside from the Mishimas and a few side characters (namely Nina, Claudio, Lee, Lars and Alisa), none of the other characters got decent screentime to show their awesomeness, especially the new characters. I mean, holy shit, could they have done so many things with their connections to the main story: Master Raven, Lucky Chloe, Josie, Gigas... They did nothing in it. At all. The... *cough cough* "episodes" they recieved were pretty decent, but they were also terribly short with only one cutscene per character, which felt like the beginning of the episode rather all of it. Some of the episodes were actually really good, particularly Miguel, Steve, Gigas and Katarina (my theory about their connection was proven to be true! :D). Those ones had great character development, a good pace and pretty decent dialogue between the characters (well, excluding Gigas who can barely talk). Suprisingly enough, we did get great moments from other characters, as well: Lucky Chloe is revealed to be a two faced, bratty primadonna when she isn't being so disgustingly cute, Master Raven shows herself to be a much more laid back and cocky character than her straight faced subordinate but is still shown to be really damn good at her job, and (to my surprise) Eliza's episode ending was pretty dang funny. In short, it was a 50-50 case with the episodes. Most were pretty lame, but they had funny moments here and there.

Now that we finished with the bad things in the story, let's get to the good ones.

First of all, the Mishima family' story is intense. Like I said, there's so many great things to count, so let's make a list of it to make this journal shorter. :XD: :

- The flashback scene, despite giving us the only appereance of Kazumi and ruining all the hype about her, is pretty damn emotional. We get to see an aspect of Heihachi that we never saw before. Not a power-hungry, sadistic tyrant and abuser, but a loving family man that was betrayed by the woman he loved and was forced to end her, saying that "she was no longer his Kazumi", knowing that it would create HUGE animosity from his son, killing him as the only possibility to destroy the Devil Gene in his family for good. Granted, it doesn't make you forgive the fact he abused his five year old son and creating the entire conflict from the very beginning, but it shows his actions in a different light and paints him as an extremist that was doing bad things for the greater good.

Yeeeaaaaah, that one was obvious.

- I enjoyed the fact that just for this game, they pushed Jin to the side to focus on the conflict between Heihachi and Kazuya. For the last few games, Jin was the main star (both good and bad), but this time he needed to be taken off the main plot for a bit. True, he was involved just a bit when he was escaping the UN and got taken away by Lars, but he still wasn't on that much. In fact, all of his scenes (including the post credits one) together are two minutes at the very most. Also, seeing the post credits scene was very nice, knowing the Jin is back as a hero and will now start his own fight against his own father. Just don't mess up this hype too, Harada, okay?

- The final battle between Kazuya and Heihachi is fucking amazing. Emotional, intense, energizing but also depressing. You can feel the rage between the two and how eager they are to finally take one another out for good. They managed to give a real 'oomph' feeling to the final punch given to Heihachi, resulting in his death. The constant flashbacks to quotes and scenes from previous games not only make us more connected to their years of grudge between them, but also give us a strong sense of nostalgia, seeing scenes from older games and remembering how iconic the series really is, and for the final segment in the Mishima saga, it did its work. Speaking of the final battle...

- Devil's new look is fucking. INSANE. Like, holy shit, I waited for him to change, but the new design, no joke, really blew me away. The perfect balance of the old and new designs, with heavy inspiration from his design in one of the latest Tekken Pachinko games. The whole design is both badass but also pretty scary at the same time, with the main creep factor coming from the fact that he has more eyes than a Resident Evil monster, which says a lot. Along with the third one on his forehead, there's one on his chest and three of each wings. He's got eyes on his wings, holy shit! XD Probably my favourite design for his devil form so far.

- Lee's character arc was also fun, having him reuniting with Lars and Alisa to get Jin back from the Zaibatsu and keep him safe in his comatose untill he wakes up and can get to finish everything he started. All of them (excluding Jin, off course) had great chemistry and I enjoyed seeing them succeeding in their goal. They just feel really likable to not feel that way. XD

- I could say the narrator was okay too, if it wasn't for that god awful voice. XD I mean I won't lie, the character itself is.... decent. A man who wants revenge for the death of his family isn't unpopular in the series but has potential.... but again, the voice acting is horrendous. They should have at least taken someone more... how should I say it bluntly? Talented.

Anyways, this is my overall opinion on the story. :) If I'll remember adding anything else, I'll add! Feel free to tell me your opinions from your own experiences! Have a good day and stay frosty! ;D

With :heart:,

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